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Product News

December 2010

UEVEN announces release of new biometric timeclock station. biometric Timecollection eliminates the hassles of mechanical time clocks and works seamlessly with your payroll processing software.

Mobile Time Keeping System

My Mobile Timeclock

Upgrade Released May 2011
ver. 2.1.1

Eliminates paper timecards and empowers individuals to clock-in and out of various tasks from anywhere. Available now at BlackBerry App World.

UEVEN Software & Services

We provide construction management software, which makes it possible to manage all phases of a construction job from the initial bid to completion. We also provide a complete Human Resource Information System which gives the business the ability to manage their employees with one application, from before the individual interview throughout their employment to termination.
Released in December 2010, Biotock eliminates expensive mechanical time clocks and buddy-punch-card issues with an easy centralized or remote solution.
Released in March 2010, EmpPedia is the missing piece in employee management. Designed by HR professionals, it combines paperless employee management with ease of use.
SHARCC® Office Suite software was a trade secret to one of the largest privately-held construction companies in the US. Since its purchase in 2006, UEVEN has continued its development and now offers it to the public.
SHARCC® Time & Attendance is a revolutionary, patent-pending application that combines GPS and biometric technologies, providing real-time data for superior management control.
SHARCC® Atrack is a GPS tracking application that integrates with SHARCC® Time & Attendance to provide management real-time data and mapping for unmatched labor force and equipment management.
SHARCC® Job Manager is a real-time, wireless Job Management application that gives Job Site Managers the ability to remotely input pertinent information on a wide array of project statuses.
October 2011 ~ The National Labor Relations Board Under President Obama
Although Congress failed to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”), a key issue during President Obama’s campaign, the changes in the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) since he took office...
September 2011 ~ Health Reform - New Court Rules?
An appeals court has ruled that a portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, also known as the federal healthcare law) is unconstitutional....
September 2011 ~ My Tantrum Is Over!
Film director Mel Brooks has always been known for being temperamental. Many years ago, while working on the set of The Producers, he confirmed that reputation by yelling at actor Zero Mostel....
August 2011 ~ What Are You Chasing and Why?
The C.E.O. of a multi-million dollar corporation died in his Chicago office at age 57. When his huge, solid-oak desk was later cleaned out, a hand fishing line, with hook, sinker and bobber attached, was found at the bottom of one of the drawers. He had used it as a child, while growing up...
August 2011 ~ Enforcing Liquidated Damages Clauses
An owner's damages resulting from delay in completion of construction can take varying forms depending on the project's nature and type of financing. Lost rental revenues are common with respect to apartments, shopping centers and office buildings; delayed condominium closings can cause lost....
July 2011 ~ Let Go and Watch Them GROW!
Trust is the number one characteristic of leaders. Without trust, people won't follow you. Can you imagine buying products from a store or insurance from an agent you don't trust? You're just not going to do it. Would you do repeat business with someone you didn't trust regardless of price?...

"The American Society of Concrete Contractors recently made a major software/web site shift... Without an IT expert on staff, and finding our former provider less than cooperative, we were extremely fortunate to know the folks at UEVEN and to be able to turn to them for assistance...When you’re unfamiliar with the language you need an IT contractor who can translate, and who’s patient and helpful in the process...I would say that serving the customer is UEVEN’s top priority. While “exceeding customer expectations” may be becoming a cliché, it is certainly true of our experience with UEVEN. They never hesitate to go the extra mile – without being asked."

Julie Holtgrave, Director of Operations
American Society of Concrete Contractors

"SHARCC® "Time & Attendance" software allows me to monitor a variety of jobsites with multiple crews utilizing real time data. We have eliminated the threat of “Ghost Employees” with the biometric login. Creating a work zone around every jobsite gives me confidence my crews are on the job and staying on task.”

Keith Neveu, President
Leading Edge Concrete, LLC

"The system offers great flexibility due to the customization ability. The reports are a great form of extracting data out of the system."

Maria Klauer, Controller
The BBP Companies

"UEVEN has recently been out to my office and carried out various tasks of network repairs including supplying various peices of hardware and all at a very competitive price, and within an acceptable time limit. The staff has been excellent at explaining the problems and then rectifying them leaving us with an understanding of what not to do in the future. I would be delived to recommend UEVEN to any other individual or company looking for answers not problems."

Brandon McDermott, President
Aerostar Aerospace Mfg.

"UEVEN partnered with Santoya Financial in our website creation. They were extremely patient and thorough as they took me through this process. I should preface that with the admission that I have never worked independently nor partnered with anyone in website creation. The response time, directed questions, and guidance were instrumental in Santoya meeting our deadlines to have our website up and functional. I would recommend UEVEN to anyone wishing to develop their website and will also personally use Ueven if the opportunity presents itself."

Marc Jonescu
Santoya Financial.

"UEVEN' SHARCC® Enterprise product puts the power at my fingertips to manage my company from Marketing to Accounts Receivable – Estimating to Job Costing. After 30 years in the concrete construction industry, I have never felt more “in control” of all aspects of our organizations total operations."

Jerry Esh, General Manager
Selectbuild AZ, LLC