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UEVEN's moto is "use our knowledge to help you succeed". We strive for excellence in customer support and innovation. If we don't have the answer for you, we will make it our job to find it. We've been where you are, we know the challenges you face, and we are here to help.

UEVEN is a HRIS and construction-industry software provider with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It was founded in 2006 by business professionals after over 10 years of software development and testing in a real-life business environment. UEVEN's driving goal is to assist our customers in increasing their employee management efficiencies and improving their project management effectiveness through the use of software systems that provide accurate, timely information. As business owners, we understand that being able to create accurate bids, quickly and easily, can save you valuable time and increase your opportunities for overall profitability. UEVEN's remote and local time collection software frees payroll administrators from tedious inputting of information from paper timecards, improving accuracy and reducing processing costs by as much as 50%. Our management tools offer supervisors instant access to pertinent real-time information, on activities both in the office and on the jobsite, for superior oversight control.
Phoenix Arizona
Released in 2010, EmpPedia is the missing piece in employee management. Designed by HR professionals, it combines paperless employee management with ease of use.
SHARCC® product line was the trade secret to one of the largest privately-held construction companies in the US. Since its purchase in 2006, UEVEN has continued its development and now offers it to the public.
SHARCC® Time & Attendance is a revolutionary, patent-pending application that combines GPS and biometric technologies, providing real-time data for superior management control.
SHARCC® Atrack is a GPS tracking application that integrates with SHARCC® Time & Attendance to provide management real-time data and mapping for unmatched labor force and equipment management.
UEVEN's core values express who we are, how we care for one another, and the way we conduct ourselves, both personally and professionally. The first time you meet with us, you will understand that UEVEN is like no other software provider you have ever worked with before.
Faith & Family
UEVEN Core Value Faith and Family
We believe our faith and family values are important to our external success, both personally and professionally.
Gold Standards
UEVEN Core Value Gold Standards Quality
Our customers are our gold, they need to be polished and attended to carefully to keep their shine.
UEVEN Core Value Integrity
Seek & speak the truth, a lifestyle without lying, cheating, stealing or other forms of deception, a moral soundness that pervades every action.
UEVEN Core Value Synergy
The ability to adapt to any situation, to continue to improve our skills and products, knowing that change is good and not afraid to attack it.