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What Are You Chasing and Why?
August 2011

The C.E.O. of a multi-million dollar corporation died in his Chicago office at age 57. When his huge, solid-oak desk was later cleaned out, a hand fishing line, with hook, sinker and bobber attached, was found at the bottom of one of the drawers. He had used it as a child, while growing up...
Enforcing Liquidated Damages Clauses
August 2011

An owner's damages resulting from delay in completion of construction can take varying forms depending on the project's nature and type of financing. Lost rental revenues are common with respect to apartments, shopping centers and office buildings; delayed condominium closings can cause lost...

HR Pieces

The National Labor Relations Board Under President Obama
October 2011

Although Congress failed to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”), a key issue during President Obama’s campaign, the changes in the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) since he took office...
My Tantrum Is Over!
September 2011

Film director Mel Brooks has always been known for being temperamental. Many years ago, while working on the set of The Producers, he confirmed that reputation by yelling at actor Zero Mostel....
Health Reform - New Court Rules?
September 2011

An appeals court has ruled that a portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, also known as the federal healthcare law) is unconstitutional....


UEVEN 2009
THE PREMIER SPECIALIST IN OPERATIONAL SOFTWARE FOR TRADE CONTRACTORS SHARCC® (Systems Helping Advance and Reinforce Construction Contractors) was originally developed in 1997 for a private concrete contractor, providing them the tools and information needed to build their business and create strong financial growth year after year. In 2006, Stephanie...
(Published on: November 2009)
Our Top 50 Picks: What To Look For At The World Of Concrete 2009
As the new year rolls around, we at Modern Contractor Solutions are gearing up for the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2–6, 2009. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the World of Concrete is the only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries, with 1,700-plus leading...
(Published on: December 2008)
Integrating Office Technology
The concrete industry is evolving faster today than ever before with a myriad of...
Author: Gary Burleson
(Created Date: 12/1/2007)