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Biometric Time Collection
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Eliminate messy timecards, employee interruptions and hours of processing with our new biometric time station. Secure, streamline and simplistic – this is the time collection system that allows you to unplug that mechanical time clock and begin saving time and money, today!

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A new era in Human Resource Software, EmpPedia incorporates Employee Services and Human Resource management to create the most comprehensive system to date. This employee management system can simplify your workflow, increase your efficiency and quickly become an essential tool in your Human Resource workday.
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Project Management Software icon SHARCC®
Finally a software program designed for trade contractors!  SHARCC® allows trade contractors of all sizes to build stronger relationships with their customers; simplify the planning, coordination and management of even the most complex jobs; while overcoming the traditional roadblocks—time, money and resources—that have traditionally derailed, detoured, and delayed initiatives.

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Time & Attenandance Software icon SHARCC® Time & Attendance
No more excuses, SHARCC® Time & Attendance offers a high degree of security using biometric technology (finger ID scanning) and GPS (global positioning system). Employees use their finger ID to clock in and out instead of barcodes or ID badges that can be easily passed around from worker-to-worker, and GPS requires employees to be on-site to clock in or out.
Integrates with SHARCC® Office Suite and EmpPedia.