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UEVEN Support -- We have Plans for YOU!

At UEVEN, we know that the secret to our client’s success is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and one step ahead of their competition. That’s why we commit staff to continuing development of our product – EVERY DAY! Our programs are truly living pieces of computer software – morphing to the needs of our clients and upgrading to the latest technologies. To ensure your team has the most current upgrades available, backed by a team of professionals committed to your success, it’s critically important for you to enroll the efforts of our development and support teams. Please review the Support Options listed below and contact one of our representatives to discuss the coverage best suited to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

UEVEN Technical Support Team - When you need technical support, chances are, YOU NEED IT NOW! That’s why we offer 24-hour support packages – 362 days per year. Backed with years of development experience, our Support Team is comprised of individuals that worked “hand-in-hand” with real-life business owners, managers and field staff to ensure and maintain the usability of our products in the real world. From your first conversation you will immediately realize you’re dealing with a technically savvy team of individuals that truly understand your situation and needs. Whether simplistic or complex, they know it’s all important because they’ve been where you’re at – and they “get it”! Some of what our support team offers:
  • Assistance in simple installation problems, Web downloads and information.
  • Help with database issues, conditions and connection issues.
  • Support that includes highly-technical issues, such as help with SQL database issues and complex user configurations.
  • Help with business-critical issues. Receive live help immediately for issues that have a greater business impact.

UEVEN’s Upgrade Solution - We understand you have a business to run and maintaining your computer software is probably not the highest priority on your list of things to do. The UEVEN Solution – We’ll take care of it for you! When you purchase our software we understand and appreciate the trust you have put in to our products and organization. Our goal is for you to “Use our knowledge to help you succeed”. To accomplish that goal, we commit to you we will ensure your team is always using the most recent versions of our software and those upgrades will never cost you a dime. We’ll work “hand-in-hand” with your representative to get your team the latest and greatest upgrades immediately upon release so you can stay focused on what you do – managing your company.

Business Software Solutions
Support Coverage
  • 24-Hour Support – Mission-critical applications require continuous support coverage. We provide you with a consistent support resource and 24/7 service excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day, ensuring the highest level of operability of your system.
  • On-line Diagnostic and Remote Access Support - Some problems cannot be solved over the phone. Using the Internet or modem communications, we offer instant hands-on software support, allowing our service team to view, diagnose and solve problems online.

You won't be alone, when you need assistance - UEVEN is here.

Support Options
  • Basic  --  Considered the basic support option. Support available Monday through Friday between 8 am to 5 pm (AZ time).
  • Silver  --  For those businesses that need complete coverage during the work week. Support available Monday through Friday and 3% off future licenses.
  • Gold  --  For the business that needs weekend support. Support available Monday thru Sunday and 5% off future licenses.
  • Platinum  --  For the business that needs it all. Support available 24/7/362 and 7% off all major upgrades included.

To learn more or to enroll in one of UEVEN's Upgrades & Support Plans, please call us at 866.503.3836 opt #2.