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Welcome to Support Center! Whether you need to purchase/renew support, or you already have an active support agreement and just need help with your products, this is the place to be!

To purchase/renew or verify your support agreement, please call:

1.866.503.3836 opt #2
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm Arizona Time

UEVEN Software Solutions
UEVEN's Technical Support Team is here to troubleshoot and walk clients through any issues they are having with our products.

UEVEN Technical Support
1.866.503.3836 opt #1
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:30pm Arizona Time

Annual Upgrades & Support
Learn the benefits of purchasing and renewing your support plans, as well as the differences between the four maintenance packages.
Live Support
Chat live with a technical support agent using this instant messaging feature. Receive quick answers and solutions for any issues or questions concerning our products, or leave a message and one of our team members will respond to you within 1 business day.
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Online Help Desk
Use the online help desk to quickly submit your issues and questions with one of our knowlegdeable support agents. Responses are fast and accurate. Please have your username and password ready to log in.
Remote Assistance
While troubleshooting your issues, our support agents may need to access your computer remotely. If this is the case, we will walk you through some steps or ask for control of your computer. You may choose to deny control and, if so, we will continue to walk through the steps with you. This service is provided by Microsoft.
Community Forum
Join our forum and chat with other professionals as well as our Software Support team. Feel free to ask questions, post tips and tricks, and network with other professionals. Registration is required to create new topics and post reply's, as well as a valid email address.
GPS Tracking Software Time Card Software Employee Management Software Project Management Software Business Software Estimating Project Software Release Notes
Learn about the latest development changes for each of our software products.
System Requirements
Check to ensure your systems meet our recommendations for minimum system and hardware specifications.
Request a Feature
Your input is important to us, and any software improvement ideas you submit will be presented to UEVEN's product management team, along with our other clients. We allow all clients to view this list of ideas because a feature for you may also be a positive feature for some of our other clients. The more clients have a need for a particular feature, the sooner our team will implement that idea.